Saturday, September 22, 2012

In 1492, Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue!!

With Columbus Day fast approaching, I thought I'd share some activities I did with my class last year. This first one comes from "The Sharpened Pencil". 
 She had posted the picture of the activity, but there were no patterns. It looks like it came from a Mailbox Magazine and even though I have a ton of issues to that magazine, I don't happen to have the one with that activity. Because of this, I had to improvise!!! I typed up the sentence into a rectangle, then cut them with a large scallop on each side.Click the picture below to grab a copy!!
I cut a boat pattern freehand for the students to trace. As for Columbus, I did a search for Columbus clip art, found a similar one and shrunk it down until it looked right. The rest is pretty self explanatory....the water is made from shredded blue paper and a drinking straw is used to glue the sail onto the bottom of the boat. 

This next activity comes from "Kindergarten Smiles". It's a ship in a bottle. You can read more about how this activity is done on her blog post.

There is a poem that goes on the back too.  Caitlin typed these up and has them in Google Drive. Click {here} to get it!

Three Little Ships

Sail, sail, sail, 3 ships
Slowly through the sea, 
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
Count them 1-2-3

Land, land, land they saw
After many days
Hurray, hurray for Columbus
The man who found the way!

Finally, I'd like to share my new Columbus unit with all of you. 
It's 25 pages and includes the following:

"A New World" eight-page book to read and color {for advanced 1 and grade 2}
Making Words with the letters in "Columbus"
Columbus word scramble printable
Columbus circle map
Columbus Was, Had, Wanted graphic organizer
Columbus bubble map
Label Columbus {one with traceable words & one without}
Word Wall cards {included 11 vocabulary words}
Suggested Columbus picture books 

Click {here} to get it from TpT!!

Here is a freebie for you for being a follower and reading my long post!! Click the picture to get it!

Oh and one...more....little....thing.....the first 3 people to leave a blog post comment with their email address {and are a follower of my blog!} gets the Columbus unit for F-R-E-E!!!


Rachel said...

I would love a copy! Thank you!

Rachel said...

I forgot to say that I am a follower!

Greg Smedley said...

I actually get to celebrate Colombus day this year! Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!


EMpowered said...

I follow!


Cindy Del Valle said...

Congrats to Rachel, Greg, and Emily! I'll send your unit along shortly!

The Sherman Four said...

Dang! #4 !! haha! :)


Buffalo is missing out on a great teacher...we all miss you in sunny Florida!!! Your creations are awesome!!! Do you foresee any teacher openings soon? Hope so......

Maria said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I teach first grade in NY and your ideas and creations are awesome! I'm sorry I missed getting this unit-it looks wonderful! I am now a follower.

Mrs. O'Donnell said...

Can I ask where you found the Columbus clip art? It is VERY cute. I love your ideas, thanks for sharing!

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