Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Made-It

I'm so happy with the way that my sister's photo board came out that I'd like to share it with you all for 4th Grade Frolics' "Monday Made It!!! 

 During summer school, my sister had her photos taped onto the wall. When she decided on a polka dot theme for her school classroom, I happened to find this at Walgreens for $5.00!!

They had purple and teal at this particular Walgreens, so I decided on the teal for her. By the way, they also had zebra print ones as well!!

I attached thin white & black ribbon to the back with hot glue and scotch tape, then hot glued the polka dot bow on. Finally, I cut the bottom of the bow to make it more decorative. Here is the finished product!

 Let me tell you that bows are really hard to make and I have to make another one for her classroom rules tomorrow!!! We should hopefully have her classroom completed by tomorrow as well.  Fingers crossed!



Miss Kindergarten said...

I just noticed your sign!! It looks so cute!

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