Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Will You Spend Your Summer Vacation?

Jennifer at Herding Kats in Kindergarten is hosting a linky party on summer vacation.

How will I spend my summer vacation? Well, right now I don't think mine is going to sound too exciting. There are no vacations to exotic places or anything as my husband recently became employed again. I am, however, moving back to my hometown of Buffalo, NY after the school year ends. So the beginning of my vacation will involve throwing things out, selling things, packing, loading, and driving a Budget truck from South Florida to Buffalo over the span of a weekend. The rest of the summer will probably be filled with interviews for teaching positions (I hope!) and possibly working as my sister's aide in summer school. Thankfully, I get summer pay so if I don't end up working atleast I'll be able to work on TpT things, blog, and lay out by the pool.

I also owe Jessica at Mrs. Stanford's Class a HUGE thank you for her blog post on how to include your blog link when commenting!!!! Thank you Jessica! :)

Check out her blog post if you don't know how to do this! She's also having an awesome giveaway!
I'm off to get ready for bed before an hour of Seinfeld. I need a good laugh after the season finale of Glee, a rainy day dismissal at school, and the looooooongest day ever.



Jessica Stanford said...

AWWW thanks for the shoutout!


Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog is Having a Giveaway!
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Jennifer K. said...

Thanks for linking up Cindy! I hope you get a great job in Buffalo!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Cindy Del Valle said...

Thanks! So do I!

Lisa R. said...

I just found your blog & I am a new follower! I look forward to reading more of your blog. :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Cindy Del Valle said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'm happy that you are following my blog.

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