Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monthly Theme Storage

Ok, so I'm having a huge dilemma. Right now, all of my theme stuff is housed in file folders. I put books for that theme in a gallon sized Ziploc bag and it all goes into a hanging file folder. I currently have a four-drawer tall filing cabinet stuffed with all of this. I also looking for the most practical, price saavy, organized way. Also, I have to move all of this stuff from Florida to New York and I don't want to have 8-10 tubs to fumble with. I'm trying to go with less, not more.

I like the colored 3-drawers. Live, Laugh, Love in Kindergarten recently blogged about these. You can read it by clicking here. She has freebie labels for these too. My worry with these is that I won't have enough space.

So my question is, which of the above do you think works better? How do you organize all of your stuff? I would looooove to hear your input.



Lisa R. said...

I think the 3 drawers are the best way to keep everything separated & organized. I feel like too much can get shoved into the gallon sized bins & then things get lost.
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Maria said...

I'm a file folder gal. I don't love file folders, but they work for me because they take up minimal space. If you're debating about what size drawers work best, I would vote for smaller.

BTW, I'm your newest follower!

Cindy Del Valle said...

Thanks for following and for your advice! I am following your blog now too. I have seen the picture of your drawer thingy on Pinterest alot. You're famous! It looks adorable, btw. I don't know if I'd have the patience to do that.

Cindy Del Valle said...

Thanks so much for your advice. I decided to go for the three-drawer units. I loved the colors too much.

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