Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day & a Freebie!

What a long day! Our school is in the midst of administering standardized tests for four days this week. Today was day #1. Since I have a kindergarten homeroom and K doesn't take this test, we spent a good part of the morning working on Mother's Day stuff. First, we completed the book that I created. Click the picture to get it in my TPT store. It's currently on sale for $1.20!

Next, we made envelopes from construction paper to hold all of our gifts. My friend and colleague, Lori from Teaching with Love and Laughter gave me this great idea. I took mine a step further and had the kids weave yarn in and out around the outside (minus the opening). This was really annoying fun!

You have to love the backwards "p's" and the spelling of "moth'rs" not to mention the fact that the second one was decorated upside down. Oy vay! Atleast they decorated them nicely!

Tomorrow we are making these:
I got this idea from a colleague last year. I made this with popsicle sticks last year, but decided to try pipe cleaners this year. Click the picture below to download the poem and labels!

Directions: Make 2 pots and glue around the inside edges to make a pocket for the flowers.
Sign your name and glue the poem on to the front of the pot.
Trace and cut out four flowers.
Glue the jobs labels onto the flowers.
Tape or glue the stems onto the flowers.

The flowerpot says:

Pick a flower
And I'll do
A very special
Job for you!


Happy Monday!



Heidi said...

These are really cute ideas. :) I will have to check out the mother's day book.

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Lori Rosenberg said...

Oh sure! Your envelopes look better than mine. Remind me to have my kindergartners put their writing activities in your envelope!

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Cindy Del Valle said...

Thank you Heidi! I appreciate your sweet words. :) I hope you solved your blog issues.

Cindy Del Valle said...

LOL, you are too funny!

Kelley Dolling said...

Love the Mother's Day Pots . . . what an idea!!! I "pinned" you right away so I won't forget to "pen" you in next year's plans. I am following you :)

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

Cindy Del Valle said...

Hi Kelley! Thanks for becoming a follower. I'm on my way to check out your blog now!

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